Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 rumors

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 rumors


There is rumour going on about Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may launch with Windows 10 around mid-2015. Surface Pro 4 of Microsoft will be the 1st device to come with Windows 10. Windows 10 will be the single platform for PC, phones, tablets, xbox one.

Surface-Pro-3Surface Pro 3 already made $400 million revenue in total till now for Microsoft Company. Another rumour going on about Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be named as laplet. Surface Pro 4 may come with 13 inch or 14 inch size screen. Also they have plan for another one device which may be called Surface Pro Mini with a screen size of 8 inch.

Now from hardware point of view, it is guessed that Surface Pro 4 will have the option to customize the Processor as well as RAM, SSD drive size as per buyer choice when buying. But with Surface Pro 3, it is not possible anyhow to full extent. If one buys Core i3 version, is forced with 64 GB SSD drive with 4 GB RAM. If one buys Core i5 version, is forced with 128 GB & 256 GB SSD drive but have the option to choose 4GB or 8GB RAM. While one buys Core i7 version, then he have the option to go with 256 GB & 512 GB SSD drive with 4 GB & 8GB RAM. The problem is that when one wants Core i3 version with 8GB RAM or 128 GB or 256 GB or 512 GB SSD drive, then it is impossible. When one wants Core i5 version with 512 GB SSD, then it is impossible to get one. Everyone’s use is different so there is a need for more option to choose from when one is going to buy a Surface Pro like device.

Also another rumour is going on that Microsoft may release a version of Surface Pro 4 with the new Intel Core M Processor which can make fan less device, consume less battery which would lead to longer battery life. Also weight of device may be reduced more with Intel Core M Processor family. So I’m guessing that Surface Pro Mini version may get the Intel Core M Processor. We will also love to have one more USB 3.0 port in the new device.

Yet we haven’t talked about Pen, Camera, and Keyboard of Surface Pro 4. I hope Microsoft will improve more on those too.

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I can’t wait to see this operating system. Nice sized screen too.

Pooja Priyadarsini

I will buy one Surface Pro 4.