Chrome: Faster and more battery friendly

Chrome: Faster and more battery friendly


Google claims that Chrome is now Faster and more battery friendly than it was in 2015 by showing a test in a video on youtube. Microsoft edge had done a test earlier that Chrome was battery hungry whereas Edge was more battery efficient.

So this time Google, instead of comparing it with edge browser compared it with it’s own browser, but with a old version of 2015 with it’s new version chrome browser of 2016.

Google measured this test with tools like speedometer. Conclusion of this test is Google Chrome is now 15% faster than as of 2015 in both windows desktop & android smartphone.

Chrome in 2016 also improved it’s battery life as compared to the 2015 version of Chrome. In this test below in video you can see Google did the test with two Microsoft Surface Books with same hardware configuration side by side. Chrome uses less battery for most visited sites now as per this test. As per the test in this video below, Chrome 46 (2015 version) took 8 hours & 27 minutes to finish the battery charge, where as Chrome 53 (2016 version) took 10 hours & 39 minutes to finish the battery charge. So it’s a 2 hours & 12 minutes extra battery charge savings in one go.

At last we all know how stable is latest version of Google Chrome. I personally do all the tasks using Google Chrome as it won’t hang. But one need to have good hardware like better processor, more RAM & SSD to get the most out of Chrome.

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